Zip Odes Finale

April 24, 2019

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

O, Miami, WLRN, and Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Present Zip Odes Finale $5 - Space is Limited - Register here
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens // Coconut Grove

An evening to celebrate poetry in South Florida and the completion of the Ode to Your Zip Code contest.

Join all the Zip Ode finalist for a reading and reception on the water at one of South Florida’s most striking cultural gems.

Submit your own here before April 19th!

“Ode to Your Zip Code” is a South Florida-wide poetry call created by WLRN and O, Miami, a Knight Foundation-funded poetry festival, that turns the least lyrical designation of one’s home, a zip code, into an occasion for poetry.

Beginning March 18th, WLRN and O, Miami will accept odes to South Florida zip codes in the form of the code itself: five lines, with each line containing the number of words designated by the zip numbers.

(For example, if you live in 33139, your poem would be 3 words, 3 words, 1 word, 3 words, 9 words.)

Every Friday in April, WLRN will announce the top ten poems of the week. All forty poets are invited to read their Zip Odes at Vizcaya.

Additionally, to round out the evening, O, Miami and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center will award the 2019 Marjory Stoneman Douglas Poetry Award.

A brief ceremony reading will kick off Zipodes.

Small bites provided by Gilbert’s Bakery and Concrete Beach

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