Exquisite Flip Phone

April 22, 2019

Gramps Bar

O, Miami and Sun and Sons Present
Exquisite Flip Phone LIVE!
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Shirley’s at Gramps // Wynwood

What happens when you cross the games of 'Telephone' and 'Exquisite Corpse', and add a poetic twist?

Find out at the first live inaction of this new sequence-based collaborative drawing & writing game!

Attendees will get to watch poets and illustrators interpret each other's work in real time, and can then play the game themselves.

The event will also feature the release of a zine chronicling the first iteration of the game, as played by notable illustrators and writers from around the world over the past month.

Exquisite Flip Phone, aka Telephone Lines

A Game, Zine and Event Presented in Partnership with Sun and Sons

What is “Telephone Lines?” Glad you asked. It’s similar to the old game of telephone, but with a twist. The game starts with a short poem. The short poem is then sent to an artist, who interprets the poem visually and then passes it on to a second writer. The second writer interprets the visual as a short poem again, and so on. They go back and forth through eight rounds of this, and then publish the results as a zine. Once a poet receives the email with the art, they have 24 hours to submit your response. All poets are selected by Sun and Sons and a live version of the game can be experienced on April 22nd.

Flip Fone