Senryu Workshop

April 11, 2019

Brickell City Centre

O, Miami Presents
Senryu Workshop

$5 - Space is Limited - Register here
Brickell City Centre’s North Deck

A writing workshop led by poet Kimiko Hahn on Senryu.

The little known Japanese form Senryu is the comic cousin of the haiku. Like the haiku, the Senryu has 17 syllables, but instead of focusing on the natural world, each poem makes an observation about human nature.

BYON: Bring your own notebooks and writing materials.

What better place to observe the wide range of human nature than in Miami?

Taking place at Brickell City Center where the participants can step out to gain inspiration and write real time/of the moment Senryu about the people they see in the Miami landscape.

Senryu Workshop1
Senryu Workshop2
Senryu Workshop3
Senryu Workshop4