Poetry in Pajamas

April 12, 2019

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

O, Miami Presents
Poetry in Pajamas
Free and open to the public with RSVP - Register here
Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Join us for a pajama party in the gardens!

Staged in a dreamy canopy bed at the enchanted Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Poetry in Pajamas is an open mic for children of all ages to recite poetry in their pajamas! Families welcome!

Take a break from everyday worries to listen to children of all ages recite poetry (in their pajamas), led by brothers Sam and Simon.

About the Pajama Poets & Hosts Brothers: Sam and Simon started reciting poetry in their pajamas from the bottom bunk of their North Bay Village bunk bed. Little by little they started to receive other poems from kids in their pajamas, and that’s what inspired this project. Their mom, artist Sara Kaplan, was enamored with the magic of the boys reciting poetry and shared it with her social media world. Poetry in Pajamas believes in empowering kids' voices and ideas through writing, reading, and understanding poetry.

Suggested dress code: Pajamas and slippers.

Featuring Nails by Rosemarie, Crepe Maker, Edible South Florida

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