El Palacio de los Recuerdos

April 2023

Multiple locations

El Palacio de los Recuerdos
Project by Melissa Gutierrez (westofchester)

El Palacio de los Recuerdos is a miniature replica of El Palacios de los Jugos created by Melissa Gutierrez of WestofChester. A play on the concept of a “memory palace”, El Palacio de los Recuerdos prompts locals to write about their favorite Miami memory at various locations throughout National Poetry Month. The poems submitted to this pequeńo palacio have the chance to be illustrated into limited edition prints featured on WestofChester later this year.

April schedule is below:

Melissa Gutierrez (she/her) is a Product Designer and Illustrator based in Miami, FL.

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El Palacio 7
El Palacio 8
El Palacio 9
El Palacio 10
El Palacio 11
El Palacio 12