Zip Odes Finale at Vizcaya Late

April 26, 2022
6 - 9 pm

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129

Zip Odes Finale at Vizcaya Late
Presented in partnership with WLRN and
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
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An evening to celebrate the return of in-person Zip Odes! The Zip Ode, an original form invented by O, Miami, and WLRN, is designed to transform your zip code into an occasion for place-based, lyrical celebration.

You can submit your Zip Ode here.

WLRN and O, Miami are now accepting odes to South Florida zip codes in the form of the code itself: five lines with each line containing the number of words designated by the zip numbers.

(For example, if you live in 33139, your poem would be: 3 words, 3 words, 1 word, 3 words, 9 words)

Every Saturday in April, WLRN announces the top ten poems of the week. Selected poets are invited to read their Zip Odes at Vizcaya.

Additionally, to round out the evening, O, Miami, and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center will award the 2023 Marjory Stoneman Douglas Poetry Award.

Interested in volunteering? Sign-up here.

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