Zip Odes Finale Reading

April 26, 2016

The Kampong

Join O, Miami, WLRN, The Kampong, and edible South Florida as we celebrate the winning entries in the 2016 “Ode to Your Zip Code” poetry contest.

"Ode to Your Zip Code" is a poetry contest that turns the least lyrical designation of your home, your zip code, into an occasion for verse. The contest is co-presented with WLRN and runs from the end of March through April 21.

This year, we'll select 30 winners who will have an opportunity to read their poems at The Kampong during our finale.

Reserve your spot at the event here ($5 ticket) and submit your zip odes here.

WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE taking a ride share, carpooling, or using public transit, as parking at The Kampong is severely limited and costs an additional $5.

Zip Odes Kampong1
Zip Odes Kampong2
Zip Odes Kampong3
Zip Odes Kampong4
Zip Odes Kampong5
Zip Odes Kampong6
Zip Odes Kampong7
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