That's Not My /NEIM/

April 8, 2018

White Rose Coffee

THAT’S NOT MY /NEIM/: a name-reclaiming workshop
Led by Elia Khalaf

Sunday, April 8th at 11:00 AM at White Rose Coffee



1. an inclusive project representing strangers’ strange names
2. reclaiming the butchered surname, one syllable at a time

THAT’S NOT MY /NEIM/ explores the personifying power of names and identity within a playful but incisive context by sharing, spreading, and spelling our aliases, familial nombretes, the witty foodonym, silly nickname or deadname and the ensuing anecdotes. Miami, for all of its cultural richness and diversity, stands to revisit its own relationship to the demographic erasure of minority groups and mixed communities.

Phase 1

Through a series of generative workshops, participants of all genders, races, and ethnic backgrounds will submit their true or chosen names, nicknames, and name-related stories to later be published in sites of public transaction and name-calling. Multiple real life and URL portals will be promoted as opportunities for submission, such as on-site drop boxes and an ongoing, online call for submission (#SAYMYNEIM) for everyone to participate.

Phase 2

Partnering with local businesses and trusted Miami brands, we will offer experientials (coffee sleeves and cups, to-go trays and baggies, badges and signage, a podcast, purposeful typos in various print media, to mention a few possible publication sites) printed with different phonetic spellings of names and anecdotal blurbs or related short poems.

Not My Neim1
Not My Neim2
Not My Neim3
Not My Neim4
Not My Neim5
Not My Neim6
Not My Neim7