Abe's Penny Live

April 2011

ArtSeen Gallery, Wynwood

In collaboration with Abe’s Penny Magazine and the New World School of the Arts ArtSeen Gallery, O, Miami ran a month-long exhibition and event space built around five room-sized “writing environment” installations. Visitors were invited to write responses to photographs and visual poems on display within each of the installations. Four photos each were displayed by artists Francie Bishop Good, Lee Materazzi, Robby Campbell, and Samantha Salinger.

The space also hosted "Wish You Were Here," a mail art postcard project created with artist David Reinfurt. Original postcards were mailed to random people in the Miami phonebook. Each one contained a short poem. Blank versions of the postcards were also used for an international call for mail art. As the postcards arrived, they were put on display in the gallery space.

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