Portrait at 34: A Multigenerational Conversation

April 4, 2023
7-9 pm

Simply Good Miami
212 NW 73rd St, Miami, FL 33150

Portrait at 34: A Multigenerational Conversation
Presented in partnership with Najja Moon

On April 4th, Artist Najja Moon in collaboration with O, Miami will be launching the second iteration of her project Portrait at 34. Portrait at 34 is a custom-designed photo booth inspired by Najja’s cousin the late poet Kamilah Aisha Moon that will travel to Miami-Dade County, producing portraits paired with age-specific poems for each participant. On April 4th, in communal conversation with Kaylee Nieves, Judith Berk King, Karen Rifas, and Dehja Carrington we will talk about the joys, confusions, and commonalities of aging.

A word from Najja about the project: “Since the passing of my cousin, Kamilah Aisha Moon, one poem, in particular, has been a special source of comfort and connection, “Portrait at 34.” To rediscover this poem at the age of 34 in the midst of mourning her has encouraged me to do what I always assumed we would while she was on this earth, collaborate. For this project, a custom-designed Photobooth will travel throughout Miami during the month of April producing portraits paired with age-specific poems for each participant. I am excited to make something that delivers a personal poetic experience to countless individuals and also honors the legacy of Kamilah Aisha Moon.”

About the artist
Najja Moon is a Miami-based artist and cultural practitioner, born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Her practice is centered on the idea that art is utilitarian. An amalgamation of practicalities that improve her life—design and language, cultural responsibility, and community, her visual arts practice uses drawing and text to explore the intersections of queer identity, the body and movement, Black culture, and familiar relations, both personal and communal.

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