Who's the Fool? How to Patch a Leaky Roof

April 2019

Little Haiti

Who’s The Fool? How To Patch A Leaky Roof

Project by Michelle Lisa Polissaint and Najja Moon

Artists Najja Moon and Michelle Lisa Polissaint create and distribute free umbrellas advertising their home neighborhood of Little Haiti.

The umbrellas are designed to mimic those of another neighborhood and were distributed to residents and placed on doorsteps in Little Haiti during the month of April 2019.

The project brings attention to Miami's gentrification machine through the detail of one small, but widely visible object: a free umbrella.

Each umbrella features a short poem/proverb in Creole, roughly translated as, "A leaky roof can fool the sun but cannot fool the rain."

The umbrellas were a gift to residents in the community but also continue to exist, through their documentation, as an invitation to the larger Miami community to join us in combating this much larger issue.

Leaky Roof Umbrella1
Leaky Roof Umbrella2
Leaky Roof Umbrella3
Leaky Roof Umbrella4
Leaky Roof Umbrella5
Leaky Roof Umbrella6
Leaky Roof Umbrella7
Leaky Roof Umbrella8
Leaky Roof Umbrella9
Leaky Roof Umbrella10