Poetry on the Blockchain Workshop Series

April 20th & 25th

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Poetry on the Blockchain Workshop Series

This two-part virtual series led by poets Breanna Faye & Ana Maria Caballero will walk participants through the basics of NFTs. Focusing on the eco-friendly and low-transaction fee Tezos blockchain, participants will learn how to buy Tezos, set up a crypto wallet, find platforms on which to create and sell NFTs, basic NFT “lingo,” and of course, how to market and sell NFT poems.

About your facilitators

Ana Maria Caballero (she/her) was born in Miami but spent most of her childhood in Bogotá, Colombia. Her first nonfiction manuscript “A Petit Mal” was awarded the International Beverly Prize and was a finalist for several literary awards. Her collection “Entre domingo y domingo” won Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize. Her work’s been published widely, been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and been a finalist for the Academy of American Poets Prize. She believes poems should be valued as works of art and co-founded an NFT poetry gallery called theVERSEverse.com to make it happen. More online at anamariacaballero.com.

Breanna Faye (she/her) is a leading technology futurist, MIT-trained architect, artist and creative, CTO of The Underline 501c3 and founder of Metarkitex, a collective that creates generative virtual architecture for the Metaverse. From GPS-enabled smart helmets to AI-engines for electric vehicles, she has led projects spanning the Metaverse, blockchain platforms, IoT, smart buildings and cities, and is an advocate for human-centered design solutions that bridge digital-physical environments. Artistically, Breanna fuses technology-centric concepts and techniques with more traditional forms of artistry as a multimedia writer, poet, musician and visual artist. Her work has been featured globally, received international awards, and sold as NFTs as part of the Etherpoems collective.