My Home, Mi Hogar

April 2023

Multiple locations

My Home, Mi Hogar
Created by Boa Mistura and commissioned by O, Miami
Presented in partnership with the City of Miami Beach.

My Home, Mi Hogar is a mural project that covers two adjoining 3 million-gallon water storage tanks in the City of Miami Beach with a bilingual poem.

Leading up to the installation of the mural, O, Miami hosted poetry workshops for students at Miami Beach Senior High. Out of the 200+ poems written by the students, Boa Mistura chose a line by sophomore Valentina, “Finding my home in every voice that I hear.” Boa then presented two different designs to the student body, who chose their favorite direction for the work. One tank presents the line in English, and the other in Valentina’s native Spanish: “FINDING MY HOME IN EVERY VOICE THAT I HEAR / HAY UN HOGAR EN CADA VOZ QUE ESCUCHO", according to a brightly-colored design that loops words around the tanks like a carousel.

In the spirit of Boa Mistura’s highly collaborative practice, sections of the mural will be painted by Beach High students themselves. Work commences on the mural beginning in mid-April and will be completed by mid-May.

In addition, Boa Mistura will present an artist talk on their practice on April 13th as part of the 2023 O, Miami Poetry Festival.

Presented with the support of the City of Miami Beach and in partnership with Miami Beach Senior High School.

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