Meet a Poet

April 2022

Encounter poets all month long

Meet a Poet

Presented in partnership with Books & Books

In celebration of both National Poetry Month and the 40th Anniversary of Books & Books, South Florida-based poets are available to the public at Books & Books Coral Gables throughout the month of April for two alternating micro-residency engagements:

(1) Check out a Poet, modeled on the Human Library, wherein members of the general public are invited to spend 15 minutes of one-on-one time with a local poet—hear them read, ask them questions, and develop their own poems under the guidance of a professional.

(2) Poems to Order, where poets in residence produce original poems on the spot for bookstore patrons upon request.

April 2022 Schedule :

  • April 2nd: Check out a Poet Clayre Benzadón & Christell Victoria Roach
  • April 3rd: Poems to Order with Lissa Batista
  • April 6th: Poems to Order with Cesar Segovia
  • April 9th: Check out a Poet with Lysz Flo & Christell Victoria Roach
  • April 10th: Poems to Order with Yaddyra Peralta
  • April 13th: Poems to Order with Legna Rodríguez Iglesias
  • April 16th: Check out a Poet with Lenny DellaRocca & Triniti Wade
  • April 17th: Poems to Order with Clayre Benzadón & Yaddyra Peralta
  • April 20th: Poems to Order with Cesar Segovia
  • April 23rd: Check out a Poet Sashily Kling
  • April 24th: Poems to Order with Arnaldo Batista & Lissa Batista

In addition to our poets, we also place a one-of-a-kind coin-operated vending machine within the store to dispense locally-inspired printed festival ephemera such as stickers that sport the words of local residents. Content incorporates poetry sourced from O, Miami's vast poetry archive.