Chiquita Poemas

April 2024

Various locations

Chiquita Poemas
Project by Melody Santiago Cummings

O, Miami welcomes you to turn fruits and veggies into a sweet poetic encounter. Join our street team and help us spread joy in the produce aisle by distributing poetry fruit stickers. You may meet an introspective banana or a lime declaring its love for you. The stickers feature 9 original poems written by O, Miami’s elementary & middle school students.

Sticker sheets are available at O, Miami events while supplies last.

Where: Grocery stores throughout Miami Dade / When: Throughout the month of April

Fruit Bombing1
Fruit Bombing3
Fruit Bombing5
Fruit Bombing13
Fruit Bombing20
Fruit Bombing25
Fruit Bombing26
Fruit Bombing27
Fruit Bombing28
Fruit Bombing29