Foggy Windows

April 26, 2018

Villain Theater
Little Haiti

Foggy Windows: A Live Radio Show at O, Miami Poetry Festival
Hosted by Jason Fitzroy Jeffers
Featuring Hanif Abdurraqib & Eloisa Amezcua
Thursday, April 26, 2018
8pm, Villain Theater in Little Haiti
Tickets: $15 - $25

Followed by a 80s and 90s Slow Jam Party

Tickets available here

Foggy Windows (Instagram) is a new Miami-based radio show created and hosted by Jason Fitzroy Jeffers of Third Horizon and dedicated to "decoding the mysteries of love through the history of sweet, sappy R&B."

In this live version of the radio show, Jeffers hosts Hanif Abdurraqib and Eloisa Amezcua for a discussion about their newest writing projects. Abdurraqib, poet, music critic, and author of the acclaimed cultural criticism book They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us, is currently writing new poems through the voice of the ghost of Marvin Gaye. Amezcua, winner of the 2017 Shelterbelt Poetry Prize, has been writing as Bobby "Schoolboy" Chacon, a two-time world champion boxer, and as the wife who leaves Chacon when he won't quit the sport.

Abdurraqib and Amezcua will read from their work and talk about how it intersects with the themes of 90s R&B: love, heartbreak, loss, and renewal.

The talk will be followed by a Slow Jam Party, DJed by Jeffers.

The bar is open for those 21+.

About Foggy Windows
By deconstructing the traditional quiet storm radio show, Foggy Windows reframes the torrid R&B songs that seem to have vanished from the airwaves in the last decade or so. Are they lusty hymns preaching the kind of intimacy and devotion we should all aspire to, or are they syrupy, melodic delusions, holding up an unattainable love that has no place on the battlefield of modern romance? Can R&B survive the dating app era? Was the love it taught us to believe in ever real to begin with? Foggy Windows may not find the answers, but it will ask the questions.

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