April 4-30, 2022

Multiple locations

Project by Nestor Siré

In order to create a bridge of communication between Cubans living in Miami and Havana, artist Nestor Siré has engineered a device that emits hundreds of micro poems that imitate your Wifi signal. Connectify/ Free_Wi-Fi [poetry]. features bilingual poems by 20 poets that showcase their opinions on emigration, freedom, and cultural perspectives happening in the Cuban diaspora.

The poems respond to two requirements: they have a maximum of 30 characters (standard SSID length on Wi-Fi systems) and they express the personal vision of their authors about Cuba. The micro poems will intervene in different locations in the city of Miami through a digital device called CU.WEMOS//, created specifically for this project. It can emit multiple wifi signals simultaneously. Viewers will find 100 poems inside their digital devices, without the need for a password.

Also, in collaboration with hundreds of alternative businesses in Havana, the same intervention will take place at several points of the Cuban capital. From the process of digitalization in a crescendo that is happening in Cuba, in almost every neighborhood of the city, you can find Wi-Fi signals providing independent Internet service.

Both in Miami and Havana, the "ideas about Cuba" are in the public space, waiting -literally- for a signal to be captured through Wi-Fi connections, reaching hundreds of users and potential readers.

Throughout April, you can experience Connectify/ Free_Wi-Fi [poetry]. at Dale Zine, Books & Books Coral Gables, Morningside Park, Versailles, O, Miami events, and more locations to be announced.

Participating Poets: Ismaray Pozo, Mario Espinosa, Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué, Oscar Cruz, Jamila Medina Ríos, Legna Rodríguez Iglesias, Lisann Ramos, Javier L. Mora, Adonis Ferro, Lizabel Mónica, Katherine Bisquet, Kyle Carrero Lopez, Sindy Rivery Elejalde, Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas, Cuci Amador, Yosie Crespo, Julián Bravo Rodríguez, Ricardo Mayo, Randy Amor, and Ylena Zamora-Vargas.

Nestor Siré is a visual artist who from an artistic and academic perspective is interested in the informal methods of circulation of information and goods, the alternative phenomena resulting from social creativity, and the communities and human infrastructures that are formed around these practices. Lives and works in Havana. His work has been exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana; Hong-Gah Museum; Queens Museum, New Museum, and Rhizome among others. He has made presentations at the Warszawa Biennale, Gwangju Biennial, Curitiba Biennial, Havana Biennial, Asuncion International Biennial, Manifesta, Ars Electronica, The Photographers' Gallery, New Latin American Film Festival, and the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival among others. He has also conducted workshops and lectures at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, University of Havana; The Hague, KABK and ArtEZ; Open Doc Lab, Program in Art, Cultural and Technology, MIT; Moesgaard Museum; PLAS, Princeton University among others.

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