Call and Response

April 13, 2019

Space Mountain Miami
Little River

O, Miami Presents
Call and Response: The Roots of Commuincation Through Voices in Numbers

$5 - Space is Limited - Register here for seating
Space Mountain Miami // Little River

An O, Miami Workshop led by Miami musician Alexandre Merbouti and filmmaker Monica Sorelle exploring the history and use of Call and Response in music and poetry.

Call and Response is a form of interaction between a speaker or leader who "calls" and second individual or larger group that "responds" to the speaker's call. In music, it occurs when a phrase is written in response to another, or when two different instruments rhythmically mimic each other. When in full effect, the call and response method can be used to emphasize a feeling and evoke a powerful sense unity through voices in numbers. In this workshop, we will explore its different uses throughout history and how it has evolved from one of the most basic forms of communication still being used around the world today.

The goal of this workshop is for the attendee to leave with a better understanding of the power and history of the call and response method and to feel inspired to express themselves through new forms of communication. We will start with a few recorded examples of the earliest forms of call and response mainly in African culture where it was used in celebrations, funerals, and other sacred or community based demonstrations. We will then look at how it's implementation into religion and how its influences have shaped modern music and poetry today. With the help of a few local choir members, we will demonstrate different types of call and response methods across several cultures, and end in a full participatory experience where we invite you to perform a piece with us.

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