Bring Her Flowers

April 27, 2021

Bakehouse Art Complex

Bring Her Flowers

Project by Laura Novoa (she/her)

Presented in partnership with The Bakehouse Art Complex

”Bring Her Flowers” is a month-long program organized by Laura Novoa and imparted by visual artist Patricia Monclus and poet Bianca Garcia to the middle and high school-aged students of PACE Center for Girls.

The program consists of four, three-hour workshops, hosted in the outdoor garden space at the Bakehouse Art Complex, in which PACE students will collaborate in the creation, design, and execution of a small mural. The mural will function as a visual representation of discussions facilitated by Patricia Monclus and Bianca Garcia inspiring students to reflect on sanctuary, not only as a place of shelter and protection, but also as a space to meditate, rest, and imagine. Students will be prompted to think about how safety and refuge define their real and imagined frameworks for living and how they can envision and create spaces of leisure and growth for themselves.

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