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Last Night I Dreamt I Was a DJ

Anoche soñé que era un DJ

By Frank Báez
Translations by P. Scott Cunningham and Hoyt Rogers

Last Night I Dreamt I Was a DJ (2014), is the debut volume of poetry in America by Frank Báez, presented in the original Spanish with English translations by P. Scott Cunningham and Hoyt Rogers. A former resident of Chicago, Báez delights in the cultural influence of the United States, while simultaneously recognizing the failed exportation of the American dream to his home of Santo Domingo, where his lyrical wit and narrative lament takes center-stage. Báez's poems are heartfelt and hilarious. They laugh at the spectacle of their creator and his struggle to exist as a poet in a world hostile to poetry, and they dare to talk back to the empire of capitalism with the voices of the voiceless.

144 pages
Perfect-bound paperback with removable bellyband
8.125 inches x 5.5 inches
Publication date: November, 2014
ISBN# 978-1-940806-02-0