Ode to Your Zip Code

April 2015

WLRN Radio

O, Miami and WLRN invite you to pay tribute to the least poetic definition of where you live by writing “Zip Odes!”

A ZipOde is a poem about where you live, written in the form of your zip code.

The rules are simple: enter your 5-digit zip code into our ZipOde Generator. Every ZipOde is five lines long. Each digit determines how many words per line. Enter your email address and then submit.

An example using zip code 33314

3 The iguanas are
3 the same size
3 as my dog,
1 and
4 it’s a little scary.

- Amelia Alexander

What happens if your zip code has a 0? Well, that is a WILD CARD line! You can leave that line blank, use a punctuation mark, or otherwise surprise us.

Each week during April, we choose around 10 #ZipOdes to feature on air and on social media. Just be sure to submit your ZipOde by April 21.

You may submit as many #ZipOdes as you like, and feel free to share with friends and family!

A selection of our favorite 2015 #ZipOdes is below

1 Veronica Ortiz
2 Pamela Smith
3 Derrick Scott
4 Jeanie Ross
5 Nick Vagnoni
6 Carl Rachelson
7 Corey Davis
8 Odette Jamie Barrientos
9 Roni Lynn
10 Alessandra Fernandez
11 Andrea Perez
12 Cathy Izaguirre
13 Elsa Labonski
14 Henry Parnes
15 Janet Evans