Whip n' Dip Cups

April 2019

Whip n' Dip Ice Cream Shoppe
Coral Gables

Students from Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, led by Virginia Moscetti, put short poems on soft serve cups at Whip N' Dip Ice Cream Shoppe in Coral Gables.

Cups available while supplies last

As Poetry Month rolls around in time with the gradual dissolution of our New Year's Dietary Resolutions, we are all probably wondering: what better way to celebrate poetry than through ice-cream? Interestingly enough, this is exactly what the Carrollton chapter of the National English Honor Society (NEHS) had in mind when they partnered with O, Miami and neighborhood ice cream store Whip N’ Dip to print haikus written by primary students on their ice cream cups. Buoyed by the central ambition of having every person in Miami encounter a poem, the project aims to promote a sense of community through a common appreciation of language. As such, the NEHS is excited to present the Haiku-ed ice cream cups, which are available for poetic consumption all of this week (the week of April 8th). We look forward to seeing you at Whip N’ Dip enjoying a cup of soft serve while you peruse some outstanding student poetry.
See you there!

Whip Dip1
Whip Dip2
Whip Dip3
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