Two Fridas

April 14 & 25, 2019

Redland Market Village & Amanecer Adult Day Care Center

Declamando Y Deambulando Con Frida

Created by Monica Sanchez

Redland Market Village / April 14th
Amanecer Adult Day Care / April 25th

"Declamando y deambulando con Frida" is a collaborative, interactive performance between Monica Sanchez and Christine Arce inspired by Frida Kahlo's 1939 painting, "The Two Fridas.”

Through costume and song, a poetic ensemble based on Frida Kahlo and Angelina Beloff invites viewers into a literary exchange redefining both figures outside of their relationship with the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. Referencing a moment where the emancipation of women broke traditional models, these two personages offer alternate models for female autonomy.

The performance includes readings from Kahlo's poetry in addition to excerpts from "Querido Diego, Te Abraza Quiela" by Elena Poniatowska, a reimagining of the unreciprocated letters sent by Beloff to Rivera while in exile in Paris.

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