Submerging Geometry

November 13, 2022

Scott Rakow Youth Center
Miami Beach

Submerging Geometry
Free and open to the public
Sunday November 13 / 5:45 pm & 6:45 pm

Submerging Geometry is a production of O, Miami, and professional Visual Artist and Artistic Swimmer/Choreographer, Monica Lopez De Victoria. This performance is a contemporary experimental work showcasing the poetry of bodies in motion, video projection, and the athleticism of Artistic Swimming.

Submerging Geometry integrates movement by Katie Stirman, music composition by Susie Green, and the poetry of Monica Uszerowicz.

This piece investigates the rippling effects of emotional volume and visual illusions through the internal geometry of the heart and mind. The water performers’ backgrounds include currently competing artistic swimming athletes, entertainment synchro performers from the Cuban national team, water polo players, dancers, artists, and theatrical performers. Submerging Geometry is genre-blending hypnosis that invites the audience to expand to new realms of perception.

Co-presented by Miami Beach’s Onstage!

Submerged Geometry1
Submerged Geometry2
Submerged Geometry4
Submerged Geometry5
Submerged Geometry6
Submerged Geometry3
Submerged Geometry8
Submerged Geometry10
Submerged Geometry11
Submerged Geometry13
Submerged Geometry14
Submerged Geometry12