Japanese Stab Stitch Sketchbook Workshop

April 16, 2022
2 pm

Finca Morada 1050 Northeast 131st Street, North Miami, FL, 33161

Japanese Stab Stitch Sketchbook Workshop
Led by Expressive Art Educator Nicole Combeau

Participants create a handmade Japanese stitch-bound book on handmade plantable paper using poems generated during the workshop.

Participants leave with their Japanese-bound book, a collection of
original poetry from the workshop, and a short tutorial on how to create
another Japanese stitch book at home.

About your facilitator
Nicole Combeau (she/her) is a photographer, trauma-informed expressive art educator, and paper artist living and working in Miami, Florida. As a child of Colombian immigrant parents living in the United States, Nicole struggled to find her voice and identity as a young girl. Being introduced to art as a way of expressing her internal world cultivated and affirmed her voice and life experiences. Nicole continues to use the expressive arts as a pathway to living mindfully, embodied, and as a tool for healing. Her artistic practice goes hand-in-hand with her social practice as an educator. She believes in cultivating a culture of care by bringing artistic expression to classrooms and other communal spaces. Nicole is currently a resident teaching artist in South Florida with ProjectArt, Arts for Learning, and the Healing and Justice Center.

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