Sorbos de Luz Cafecito Cups

Fall 2022

Tinta y Cafe 9840 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33138

Sorbos de Luz Cafecito Cups
Presented in partnership with Tinta y Cafe
Project by Erin Goodman

On your next cafecito run to Tinta y Cafe, you'll find micro translations of poet Juan Rosa Pita if you order a large cafe con leche.

The featured poems were generated during a 90-minute workshop during National Poetry Month. Translator Erin Goodman guided participants through key elements of the craft and practice of literary translation. Next, she introduced poet Juana Rosa Pita’s Sorbos de Luz / Sips of Light: which are three-line poems/aphorisms. This workshop created an open space for Bilingual speakers to try out translation using the short poetic format and work on their own or in pairs to translate some of Juana Rosa Pita's Sips of Light.

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