Sangam Rice

April 21, 2018

Miami Shores Community Church

O, Miami & Annam are pleased to present Sangam Rice, the first of a series of experiential meals that celebrate the presence of diverse rice culture in Miami.

Guests explore the landscape of South Indian rice culture and ancient Indian Sangam poetry. Sangam poems, dated to around 300 BC, describe the beauty and nature of ancient life in South India along with the importance of rice and agriculture in daily life.

A six course, plant-based meal explores the quotidian beauty and complexity of rice as it is experienced in South India, fusing traditional and non-traditional forms of preparing, cooking and eating. Artisanal wine generously provided by Cerda, Llanos y Cia.

Along with the meal, each guest receives an original Sangam Rice zine by Annam.

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001/ Kallu / Moonshine Gooseberry Rice Toddy & Andhra Bhel / A fermented rice alcohol infused with sweet gooseberry syrup. Served with a puffed rice South Indian street snack.

002 / Palaharam / Snack Vada / Savory rice flour lentil donut with a guava chili glaze and garlic rasam.

003 / Kura / Vegetable Potlakaya & Puttu / Andhra style snake gourd tempered with mustard seeds, roasted sesame powder with masala puttu and mango pickle.

004 / A Flight of Pickles / Avakaya / A trio of pickles & powders from Ammama’s kitchen with mini rices cakes.

005 / Pachedi & Pulusu / Chutney & Stew / Lemon rice served with roasted toor lentil chutney & charred eggplant raw tamarind pulusu. To be eaten hand-in-hand.

006 / Mithai / Sweet Ladoo & Paysam / Cardamom infused rice pudding, jaggery rice krispie krumble with Indian berry coulis.

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