Pressed for Memories: Flower Pressing & Poetry Workshop

April 28, 2024
3 - 5 pm

Artisans Playhouse2456 W 8th Ct, Hialeah, FL 33010

Pressed for Memories: Flower Pressing & Poetry Workshop
Project by
Natalia Cornejo

$15-$50 | Register here

Pressed for Memories is a local community initiative that combines art and nature to bring fun into your self-reflection and mental health journey. This workshop is a friendly environment for beginners on basic flower pressing techniques with an accompanying poetry lesson led by Kita Huerta. Together we will journey into selecting the right flower, deconstructing our petals, pressing, reflecting, writing, and finally building your masterpiece!

Natalia Cornejo enjoys spending time outdoors, going for long walks, hammocking, and foraging wildflowers. She is completing her MSW program at FSU and looks forward to creating a union between her passion for mental health activism and her love of all things nature.

Kita Huerta is an instructor for O, Miami’s Sunroom program, teaching in Spanish and English. She graduated from Paris School of Business and has been recently voted “best caretaker” by her geriatric dog. She gravitates towards poetry, writing, reading, music and other forms of beauty and self-expression, as well as loves getting to know people in their own language. She is happiest at home with her family of three.