Petaling Peace

April 5, 2018

NW 107th Ave & NW 12th Street, Doral

Petaling Peace
Project by The Combat Hippies

Petaling Peace is a collaborative project between O, Miami and The Combat Hippies, an ensemble of military veteran performing artists.

Handmade paper flowers inscribed with poems of peace and love have been created by local paper artist Amancio Paradela, military veterans, and community members, in order to create a public flower distribution by veterans at busy intersections in Doral.

This project provides an opportunity for veterans to engage the community through poetry and art. In an effort to defy stereotypes, this symbolic gesture is intended to create an opportunity to combat the stigmas facing veterans as well as offer a moment of respite for one of the most stressful issues facing the people of Miami: rush hour traffic.

Petal Peace1
Petal Peace2
Petal Peace3
Petal Peace4
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Petal Peace10
Petal Peace12
Petal Peace13
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