Mind Your Beeswax: A Mindful Space With Wax and Words

April 2, 2023
11 am - 2 pm

Oak Grove Park
690 NE 159th St, Miami, FL 33162

Mind Your Beeswax: A Mindful Space With Wax and Words
Presented in partnership with Combcutters

Weaving the art of candle making, poetry, and the collective nature of bees, participants are guided through creating their own luminaries using beeswax from local hives in Biscayne Gardens.

Participants explore words with the goal of collectively building micro-poems throughout the session. The end result is a unique luminary embedded with a Miami micro-poem, local petals and plant matter. Presented in partnership with and facilitated by urban beekeepers, Rebecca and Sam, from Combcutters.

Combcutters is made up of Rebecca Wood and Sam Pierre-Louis. We are urban beekeepers that facilitate educational workshops through live bee experiences. We believe that we can teach anything through bees and have taught classes from pollination to ethics to design, all through the lens of a complex bee society.

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