Miami River Poetry Cruise

April 1 & 10, 2015

Bayside, Downtown Miami

O, Miami Poetry Festival presents the smoothest event in April: two lyrical boat cruises up the Miami River.

Co-created and -produced with The New Tropic, Miami River Poetry Cruise is a journey into the Heart of Dade-ness, guided by locals, protected by pythons, and serenaded by some of Miami's best poets in a round-robin, "tour-guide" format invented just for this occasion. Hear the first-ever Prayer to Bayside, the second Ode to Fort Dallas, and settle, once and for all, via poetry, the debate of which is the better fish spot: Garcia's or Casablanca?

Each $40 ticket includes FREE BEER courtesy of Biscayne Bay Brewing Company. (After that, it's a cash bar. Yes, there's a bar on the boat.)

The boat boards promptly at 6:30 p.m. from Bayside Marina, travels up the Miami River, and re-docks in Bayside at 8:30 p.m.

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