Ice Cream Poems

April 1-30, 2023

Sweet Melody Ice Cream
Coral Gables & Kendall Locations

This April, our friends at Sweet Melody Ice Cream have crafted four unique flavors inspired by poems from students in our education program.

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Kyndra's Fairground Funnel Cakes Sweet cream ice cream with Sunkist jam, funnel cakes & elephant ears

The Best Part
The city of oranges but also the city of sounds.
The new fancy cars going vroom on I-95 & honking their horns.
The popping of balloons at our annual youth fair.
The screams & laughter of the roller coaster rides.
The loud booms of fireworks & firearms on the 4th of July.
There's nowhere that you can go
where there's no sound in Miami.
The loud speakers blasting Polo G & Rod Wave,
the bell of everyone's phone notifications,
& the best sound in Miami,
is the sweet sounds of everyone's voices talking to one another.
Enjoying each other's
- Kyndra, SEED School, 2021

James & Darielys's All Day Breakfast Salted butter ice cream with maple syrup soaked pancakes and fresh berry jam

If you are the jam I am the spoon.
If you are the flower I am the bee.
If you are a stormy cloud I will be the sun.
-James, 3rd Grade, Emerson Elementary School

I am from Dominican republic.
I am from my mom singing in the house.
I am from the taste of pancakes, so sweet.
-Darielys, 3rd Grade, Fienberg Fisher K-8 Center

Gabriela's Cinnamon Churros
Cinnamon sugar ice cream with churro pieces and dulce de leech swirls.

Mom, you are like a sweet and sour sauce.
When you get mad, you are sour.
When you're happy, you are sweet.
My life is like cinnamon with you.
You are soft like a pillow.
We are like parrots-we talk so much!
You are a like a switching point of view
because you change my life up.
-Gabriela, 4th Grade, Emerson Elementary School

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