Growing Green Bus Stops

December 2017

Ten different bus stops across Miami-Dade County

Neat Streets Miami, in partnership with O, Miami, presents "Growing Green Bus Stops," a project to create cooler waiting areas for bus riders by planting canopy trees and stenciling haikus about trees at 10 bus stops throughout Miami-Dade County.

O, Miami facilitated a county-wide poetry contest and collected 671 haikus. Lynne Barrett, award-winning local author, was one of the judges that ultimately awarded the following 10 haikus:

District 2- NE 12th Avenue & NE 160 Street
where do I find shade?
a beach umbrella in sand?
seek wild tamarind
- Carol Ann Moon

District 3- NW 95th Street & NW 4th Avenue
The gold Flamboyant:
how she scalds these stucco walls,
bungalows aflame
- Julie Marie Wade

District 11- SW 24th Street & SW 114th Avenue
Hey Gumbo Limbo!
You are from Miami, no?
You should wear sunscreen.
- Adam Schachner

District 10- SW 127th Avenue & SW 37th Terrace
The magnolia
wears the same old perfume she
wore when she was young
- Ceclia Llompart

District 11- SW 167 Ave & 10300 Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School
Ay carambola!
Garden full of starfruit trees,
sweet as galaxies
- Carmella de los Angeles Guiol

District 9- SW 117th Avenue & SW 114 Place
The trees have also
missed their bus-- look how they wave
their many sad arms.
- Ariel Francisco

District 1- NW 12th Avenue & NW 186 Street
The ylang ylang traveled
an avenue to reach me,
then carried me home.
- Cherry Pickman

District 1- NW 207th Street & NW 26th Court
Wild coffee fringing
the city, it’s no wonder
Miami won’t sleep.
- Megan Arlett

District 11- SW 137 Ave & 4420 Block
Blush for us, rain tree.
Surprised in sand, we too know
when to pink, tremble
- Terri Witek

District 13- NW 68 Avenue & Op 17540
Náufragos vamos
Como hojas volando
Tras el destino
- Patricia Matos

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