Flip the Script

April 1, 2016

Downtown Miami

Inaugurate the month of April by witnessing an original O, Miami project created with Miami artist Rudi Goblen.

"Flip the Script" combines street-side "sign-flipping" advertising with contemporary dance and poetry.

On the afternoon of April 1st (and on select days throughout the month), a crew of performers organized by artist Rudi Goblen invades downtown Miami sidewalks and medians with seventeen original "flip signs" created from Donald Justice's poem "Twenty Questions."

Each line of the poem is given its own sign. Working in tandem and separately, Goblen & crew rearrange and flip the signs in dialogue with pedestrians and drivers, creating an audience for the poem that Justice, who was born and raised in Miami, perhaps intimated but never expected.

"Flip the Script" is made possible through a grant from Miami Downtown Development Authority.

Flipthe Script1
Flipthe Script2
Flipthe Script3
Flipthe Script4