Cuba Libre

April 2023

Frame by Frame
1774 SW 8th St Suite A, Miami, FL 33135

Cuba Libre
Project by Johanna Boccardo

This Spring, Little Havana residents and visitors can encounter an original vinyl treatment by artist Johanna Boccardo celebrating the triumphant spirit of people that come to Miami with a dream. On view at “Frame by Frame”, the vinyl wrap highlights a poem written by [insert name] can also be experienced as a limited edition sticker hidden on art framed during the month of April.

On view between March-April.

Johanna Boccardo was in the South of Venezuela and heavily influenced by the modernist works of Cruz Diez and Jesus Soto, Johanna Boccardo has made a name for herself with her unique and vibrant creations. With her studio located in the historic Helen Mar building in Miami Beach, she has fully embraced the colorful and energetic spirit of her new creative home. Her artwork is a mesmerizing fusion of geometric shapes, bold colors, and luxurious materials. Working with hand-made paper and mixed media, she brings a sense of texture and depth to her compositions, capturing the essence of Miami Beach in every stroke of her brush. The sub-tropical light and colors are evident in her work, lending a vibrancy and energy that is truly unique.