Community Fridge Centos

April 2021

Various locations

Community Fridge Centos

Project by Kyriaki Tsaganis and Isabella Marie Garcia

Presented in partnership with Buddy System MIA

“Community Fridge Centos” adds poetry to community fridges, a food supply network designed to assist local Miami-Dade communities in eliminating food insecurity. In collaboration with Buddy System MIA, who created and maintained the fridges, this project puts original poetry stickers onto the food packaging, providing a safe literary addition to the network. Stretching from Homestead all the way to Little Haiti, the poetry in the fridges invites community members across the county to benefit from this mutual exchange of grassroots efforts to provide, not only food resources to these neighborhoods, but also a reservoir of creatively driven content to be enjoyed by all.

Community Fridge1
Community Fridge2
Community Fridge3
Community Fridge4
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