Cervecería Poesía

April 6, 2023
7-9 pm

Cerveceria La Tropical
42 NE 25th St, Miami, FL 33137

Cervecería Poesía | A writing workshop
Presented in partnership with Supporting Women Writers in Miami

Drawing on the origin story of Cervecería La Tropical (the historic Cuban beer garden that was reborn and reinvented in Miami), “Cervecería Poesía” offers participants an opportunity to create entirely new poems from existing verse while sampling beer at each stage of the process.

Reflective of Miami's unique positioning as a place of reinvention with deep roots in the past, participants are given tools to radically revise poems by Cuban poets Silvia Curbelo and Elizabeth Reinosa Aliaga. Writers are guided through the revision process, offered prompts and techniques for taking an existing piece and making something new that reflects their lived experience. Cervecería La Tropical's beer list dates back to the original Cuban beer garden and those that were brewed here in Miami, with Cuban roots.

Poems generated in this workshop have the opportunity of inspiring a brand new beer flavor at Cervecería La Tropical. Head back in the Summer to try this poetry-inspired brew! Presented in partnership and facilitated by SWWIM (Supporting Women Writers in Miami).

SWWIM (Supporting Women Writers In Miami) publishes, celebrates, and promotes women writers, trans and cis women, nonbinary, intersex, and other gender-expansive communities with a reading series and the online poetry journal “SWWIM Every Day”.

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