Cease and Exist

April 2014

Postal Service

“Cease and Desist” letters are sent by lawyers to people in order to stop them from pursuing a particular action ("cease") and to warn them of the potential consequences of continuing that action ("desist").

O, Miami partners with attorney/poet Quinn Smith to create “Cease and Exist,” a project that sends “cease and exist” letters from the fictional law firm of William, Carlos & Williams.

Each letter, mailed during April 2015, implores the recipient to curb specific behaviors that could lead to an unfulfilling, less poetic existence.

Do you know a co-worker putting in too much overtime and reading too little poetry? Send her a Cease and Exist letter.

Is your brother putting off that backpacking trip? Send him a Cease and Exist letter.

Know a public official de-funding an important arts program? Send him a Cease and Exist letter.

WCW Cease 2
WCW Cease1
WCW Cease3