Arbor Odes

April 29, 2023
8:30 am

Bayshore Drive and Fair Isle Street
Coconut Grove, FL

Arbor Odes | A guided community walk
Led by Artist Nicole Combeau and Specialists Alex Held & Christian Camacho

Celebrate Miami’s treescape with a morning walk through North Coconut Grove. Participants are guided in placing poetic tree rubbings along the way by specialists Alex Held and Christian Camacho from TREESOURCES and artist Nicole Combeau while identifying native trees, plants, and their benefits. Presented in partnership with TREESOURCES.

Nicole Combeau is a multi-disciplinary artist, educator, and photographer based in Miami, Florida. Working between practices such as bookmaking, portrait photography, expressive dance, education, and poetry, Nicole focuses on witnessing life and piecing it together through art. Her work explores relationship dynamics, intergenerational patterns, body language, life narratives, the nature of witnessing, and contextualizing history. Nicole is currently an art program coordinator at the Perez Art Museum of Miami and works as a freelance portrait photographer and educator.

TREESOURCES is a green infrastructure company consisting of certified arborists, scientists, designers, and conservationists. We plan, design, implement, and steward all aspects of green infrastructure. It is our mission to help people and nature grow together.

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