Advice Tent

April 13, 2019

Pérez Art Museum Miami

O, Miami Presents
Advice Tent
at PAMM Family
Free and open to the public
Perez Art Museum // Downtown

The Advice Tent is a live advice column where poets answer the public’s most dire personal questions. Ask the poets a question and receive a multitude of answers, buffet-style, from a variety of thinkers at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

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Talking is forbidden inside of the Advice Tent, so all questions must be written and all answers will be typed, drawn, or performed live. The poet-advisors will trained by Advice Tent Founder Anja Notanja Sieger and her collaborator, Miami-based poet Freesia McKee. Free and open to the public, the Advice Tent Miami will be the event’s fifth public installment. The first Advice Tent was unveiled at the 2016 Milwaukee Fringe Festival. Since then, 633 people with problems have posed questions to 89 advisors.

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