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Will you contribute a verse?

O, Miami invites you to become a member of the Dade Poets Society, a group dedicated to supporting and uplifting our work.

Please see details in the image carousel below, or read it in your browser by clicking here.

Prospective members should contact our Development Director, Marie McGrath, at

We believe Miami is most poetic city in the world.

Throughout the year, we teach poetry to kids in schools, host a month-long poetry festival, and publish Miamians in books and unexpected places like billboards, fences, and walls. Our work is an act of love for our city, inviting Miamians to share their stories and write a new one together.

Don’t just stanza there!

“Medicine, law, business engineering— these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love—these are what we stay alive for.

- Professor Keating, Dead Poets Society (1989)

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Tom Healy and Fred P. Hochberg


Sonya Clark and Darryl Harper
Clydette and Charles de Groot
Shraybman Law
Audrey and Danny Meyer
Holly Peterson Foundation
Abigail Pogrebin and David Shapiro
Tracy Slavens and Daniel Schwartz
Quinn and Lady Smith
Bradley Tusk

The Auslander Family
Anne Cabrera
Andrew and Caroline Casino
Sarah Christensen
Carolyn and Rodney Cunningham
Beth Dozoretz
Asha Elias
Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown
Ara and Rachel Hovnanian
Deborah and Rocco Landesman
Elizabeth Lichtenstein and Campbell McGrath
Becky Lichtenstein and Larry Doyle
Adam Lindemann
George Lindemann
Marika Lynch and Adrian Villaraos
Susan and Patrick McGrath
Patrick Shay McGrath
Mochee Social Media
Jorge and Tere Negrete
Lysandra Ohrstrom
Barbara Schmidt
Arshi Siddiqui and Kendrick Meek
Marsha Soffer
Nicole Tallman
Ellen and Bill Taubman
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
Deborah Troner
Barbara and John Vogelstein
Howard Wolfson
Gesi and Ezequiel Zylberberg