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Eight Miami Poets

Eight Miami Poets is an anthology of young, unpublished poets currently living in Miami, FL.

Featuring work by, in alphabetical order, Annik Adey-Babinski, Zain Aslam, Legna Rodríguez Iglesias, Fabienne Sylvia Josaphat, Yaddyra Peralta, Cherry Pickman, Sarah Trudgeon, and Nick Vagnoni.

Edited by P. Scott Cunningham, with an introduction by Neil de la Flor.

"Eight Miami Poets will surprise readers who think they know Miami. This far-flung mix of emerging writers hails from Cuba, Haiti, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and beyond. Although Miami has long been an outpost for immigrants, exiles, outliers, and adventurers, the eclectic landscapes, arresting images, and quirky voices of these poems confirm that the Magic City continues to be a sanctuary for poetic imagination and language play. Striking for its originality and lack of pretense, this anthology is a great read." - Mia Leonin