Pwovèb Ayisyen Ameriken

April 2023

The Little Haiti Cultural Complex
212 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL 33137

Pwovèb Ayisyen Ameriken
Project by Abe Metellus and Daffodyle Saget

Pwovèb Ayisyen Ameriken places Creole poems on view in local Haitian community centers around Miami-Dade County. In this project led by Abraham Metellus and Daffodyle Saget, we’ll be exploring traditional Haitian proverbs, the history, and spirit they carry, to create new contemporary Haitian American proverbs that are unique to the immigrant experience. Select proverbs from open community workshops will be showcased at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex later this year. Pwovèb Ayisyen Ameriken hopes to connect the larger Haitian diaspora in Miami along with continuing the lessons learned from a previous generation.

Daffodyle Saget is a Haitian-American art administrator based in Miami. She has a history of working for nonprofit organizations and initiating creative projects highlighting marginalized groups.

Abraham Metellus graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies in 2009. However, his passion for community development allowed him to matriculate through the Devos Urban Training Network and obtain a Masters in Project Management from Devry University. Metellus has over 10 years of experience working with diverse communities, and he is committed to seeing these communities flourish in healthy and holistic ways. Metellus was the manager of Miami's Little Haiti Cultural Complex, where his goal was to serve the local community of Little Haiti while extending an invitation to the world to see the Afro-Caribbean culture that contributes to Miami's unique and diverse cultural makeup.