Poetry in the Pitayas

Summer 2022

Fruit & Spice Park

Poetry in the Pitayas
Presented in partnership with Edible South Florida and Fruit & Spice Park

From the lush mango to the citrusy lemongrass, South Florida’s fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices thrive in the subtropics. Nowhere are these plants showcased more abundantly than at Redland Fruit and Spice Park, located in the heart of the Redland agricultural district. Visitors from near and far come to see and taste what grows here and learn more about the familiar and the unknown.

For “Poetry in the Pitayas”, O, Miami has created original lesson plans around local plants including banana, allspice, baobab, pandanus utilis, coconut, breadfruit, sapotes, avocado, and cacao for students from K-8 STEM programs and schools. Select student poems tell visitors the botanical names and common names of select plants in the park, along with background information.

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